Parish Meetings


Next meeting Thursday 27 October – 7.30 pm, Warleggan Jubilee Hall, Mount:


Every person living with Warleggan Parish (i.e. in villages of Mount and Warleggan and surrounding area) is an equal member of the Parish Meeting.  Each has an equal voice on all issues, except for when discussing planning applications (on which only the elected planning subcommittee is authorised to vote – see further below).   

With effect from Parish Meeting AGM of 31 March 2022:

  • Mr John K remains chairperson.
  • Mr Andy M remains clerk/treasurer.
  • Ms Julie G remains deputy chairperson
  • The planning subcommittee: Mr Geoff S, Mr Andrew L, Ms Hannah C, Ms Julie G, Ms Carolyn S, Mr Richard J, Ms Alex P-S, Mr Lawrence R, and Ms Linda B-K.

Everyone of voting age living in Warleggan Parish is an equal member of the Warleggan Parish Meeting. The parish is too small to have a full parish council;  the Parish Meeting is, however, fully recognised by Cornwall Council, and receives funds through the parish precept, i.e. from our council taxes.  It’s a meeting where any local issues of concern can be raised and discussed.   

The Parish Meeting is often followed by a meeting of the Planning Sub-Committee,  at which any planning applications likely to affect parishioners can be reviewed and commented upon formally to Cornwall Council.  

See more:  
– How parish meetings work

– Minutes of previous meetings
  (transcripts, Aug 2012 onwards)

Any other items you’d like to  see discussed? 
– Let John (parish chairman) or Andy (parish clerk) know, or use the comment function below, and we’ll pass your suggestion on.   


3 Replies to “Parish Meetings”

  1. Just came across this website info, about the extent to which parish councils can (or, more correctly, cannot) approve or reject planning applications. As they point out, the most that parish councils (committees) can do is to comment on an application, just as individuals may also do. And such comments received, whether in favour or against an application, count no more and no less than comments submitted by any individual.

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