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Noel’s Meadow Extension Plot is for salesee Rightmove listing*.  

This follows an appeal decision made in April 2020 to allow outline planning application  PA19/01842*  for “the construction of 5 detached dwellings with all matters reserved except access”.  

Outline planning had not been supported by the parish, and had been refused (Oct 2019) by Cornwall Council on the basis that the proposed development does not represent ‘infill or rounding off’ (see full wording), but the applicant successfully appealed.  

MARCH 2019:

New outline planning application PA19/01842* has been submitted  for “the construction of 5 detached dwellings with all matters reserved except access”.  Click link above for access to all documents;  the plan below shows the proposed new houses (lower half of picture), along with the houses already there (dark grey).noelsmeadow-mar2019|


snip plan

PARISH MEETING was held 19th JULY 2018  –
You may recall that at a Parish Meeting last August the planning application PA17/05972* for “5 detached
dwellings and 1 flat over a shop” was considered. We objected to the application on the following grounds.
“The Warleggan Parish Meeting objects to the grant of planning permission for this development in its current form.
Apart from the provision of an ecological report this application follows very closely
that which was refused in March.
We consider:-
(a) The proposed development is outside the settlement of Mount, does not represent
infill or rounding off of the village. It provides no benefit to the community which could
perhaps justify the development.
(b) The proposal includes a shop which, on the face of it, could be a community asset.
However, bearing in mind current shopping trends the Parish considers this would not
be a viable business.
(c) The Parish still has concerns on the use of 10 year old survey reports particularly
bearing in mind the arsenic contamination which was found during the construction of
Noel’s Meadow which resulted in the top layers of soil and subsoil being removed from
the site.
(d) There are concerns on the effect of the development on the drainage system in the
(e) There are concerns at the potential danger of construction traffic driving through
the existing Noel’s Meadow development where a number of young children frequently
play in the private road.
(f) During the discussions on the proposal there was some sympathy for the construction
of 4 open market houses on the site with the provision of a public open space /
children’s play area which is much needed in the centre of the village and would be a
community benefit which may justify this development on an exception site.”
Subsequently Cornwall Council refused the application under reference PA17/05972
for the following reasons.
“The application site is located outside of the settlement of Mount and the proposed
development does not represent infill or rounding off in accordance with Policy 3 of the
Cornwall Local Plan Strategic Policies 2010 to 2030. The development represents an
undesirable extension and intrusion of the settlement into the adjoining countryside to
the detriment of the character and appearance of the countryside and Area of Great
Landscape Value. In the absence of any affordable housing provision or any other
special circumstances to justify residential development in this context, the proposal
does not represent sustainable development and would be contrary to policies 3, 12
and 23 of the Cornwall Local Plan Strategic Policies 2010 – 2030, saved policy CL9 of
the Caradon Local Plan 1999 and paragraphs 7, 8, 17 of the National Planning Policy
Framework 2012.”
The applicant has submitted an appeal against this decision and we are invited to respond further by 31st July. Do attend the Meeting to air your views.


PREVIOUSLY (JULY 2017) –  a planning application PA17/05972* has been made for houses to be added to Noel’s Meadow in Mount, in the remainder of the old field  – it’s for five detached houses, plus one shop with a flat over.  (see plan, right – where upper half shows houses already there;  lower half shows houses to be built)

There will be a parish meeting on Thursday 3rd August 2017, where the Applicant and his Agent will attend to discuss their proposals  – all are encouraged to attend, whether it is to express support or to challenge the application.

This is the opportunity for all those in the parish, or affected neighbours, to find out and perhaps to influence what may or may not be built.

Questions to consider might include:

  • Do we want more houses here?  If so, what kind of houses and how many?
  • Do we want a shop?  If so, what kind of shop might it be?  What can be done to make it viable?
  • Is there anything the developer can contribute for the community which might help persuade the parish to support the planning application?  This could be a facility (or support for a facility) within the field or elsewhere in the parish…

See all the documentation about this proposal from the Cornwall Council website (planning section) –  click here on PA17/05972*  (opens in new window) –  and you can also make your own comments online direct to Cornwall Council.

Most importantly, come along to the meeting on Thursday  – see details of this parish meeting.

And feel free to put thoughts forward through the comments function below – but keep it polite and acceptable (see website’s terms and policies*) –  and if you’re interested, you can also look back on the discussions that happened when Noel’s Meadow Part 1 was being planned – see Ocean Housing.


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  1. Hello am I correct that in January there was an appeal for the 2nd phase at Noel’s meadow. Having had a look around the Internet I found the appeal form put in on 22nd January
    Thankyou to anyone with further info

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