Terms and policies

Supported by Warleggan Parish Meeting, this website is managed on a voluntary basis, and aims to strike a balance between freedom of expression and protection of people’s privacy and rights.

Although every effort is made to ensure accuracy of information given on this website, users must accept that errors and omissions may occur.  Neither the Warleggan Parish Meeting nor the website manager can accept responsibility for any errors or omissions, nor for any consequences therefrom.

Photos are accepted for publication on the basis that the person submitting a photo has the rights to that photo, that the photo is unlikely to be deemed offensive or insulting, and that any person shown is unlikely to object to their photo being published.  Anyone unhappy with a photo of them or their child found on this website may request its removal, by stating the page on which it is found, and quoting the photo file-name that will be seen when the cursor hovers over the photo.

Names of individuals will not normally be given in full, to protect people from web searches.

Comments are welcome, and there have already been many interesting and inspiring discussions on a variety of issues of local interest.  We ask contributors to be careful in how they phrase things, especially when disagreeing with someone else’s opinion.  The idea of this site is to bring people together, and not to stir up anger or hatred.  This is not a forum for expressing grievances against a person, a group of people or an institution –  but can be a useful forum for expressing opinions on issues, alerting the community to recent events of interest or concern, or to publicise upcoming community events or services.

The website manager reserves the right to decline permission or to enforce editing of comments, and to delete comments at any time.  If anyone feels that any published comment is inappropriate, particularly if it may be regarded as potentially libellous, please contact the manager.  The following will normally not be accepted for publication:

  • The discussion of issues not immediately relevant to Warleggan or its immediate vicinity
  • The promotion of business, religious or political causes, whether local or national
  • The identifying of one person by another, whether directly (e.g. naming names) or through hints and suggestions, especially where there is a suggestion that the identified person has done something inappropriate, unethical or illegal
  • The publication of anyone’s full name or contact details, except where the person concerned has explicitly given their permission for such details to be given

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