Luxulyan Valley Walk – 01 Jan 2013

on top of the aqueduct
on top of the aqueduct

It made a great New Year’s Day out, and the weather was kind. Old and young, with dogs and without, we headed off to Luxulyan Valley, to see the stunning 100 foot high Treffry Viaduct/Aqueduct, completed in the 1840s. Following the route taken by the trams carrying minerals and granite down to Ponts Mill, we walked past the waterwheel, and strolled down the Carmears incline. On the way back, we stopped at the ruins of a clay drying kiln to learn from our resident expert how the china clay was dried before being shoveled onto the trains for transporting down to the harbour.

walking towards the incline

And then, what better way to finish off the day out than to gather back at the Jubilee Hall for delicious soup rolls and dessert? Many thanks to John and Gill for organising this event, to our brilliant cooks, and to everyone who came along.

You can find out more about the aqueduct and the system of leats on the ‘Friends of Luxulyan’ website; and in the History Club meeting on 24 April, one of the friends of Luxulyan group explains more about the history of Luxulyan Valley and of the works there. 

And: if you missed this day out, then make sure you don’t miss the walk next New Year’s day!

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