My house 150 years ago… part 2

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You will remember in the last issue we were looking at details of the 1851 population of Warleggan Parish which at 294 was almost 100 more than today.

Having crossed Woodah Bridge, Petherick Bunt, the enumerator made for Mount Pleasant where we have two households.  John Stephens a widower aged 55 farmed 100 acres helped by his 4 children living with him – ranging from Abigail aged 26 to Edwin James aged 11.   Also with the address of Mount Pleasant was Peter Dunstone a Mine Agent and his wife Mary with their children Edwin aged 18 who was working as a Tin Miner and Selina, 9, described as a Scholar.

The problem with the village of Mount is that there are 13 households all simply given the address “Mount”.

John Bryant was a Tin Miner aged 47 and born in St. Hilary near Penzance but presumably had come up to Mount to work at Treveddoe Mine.  With his wife Rebecca they had 5 children including John an 18 year old Tin Miner and Horatio a 12 year old whose occupation was described as Errand Boy.  They had moved around the county as the children were born at St. Teath, Lanlivery and Tywardreath.

Nicholas Palmer was an Agricultural Carpenter but had quite a house full with his wife Mary and their 2 young children together with his 78 year old widowed mother who was on Parish Relief and his unmarried 45 year old sister Elizabeth who was a Dressmaker.

Having also travelled to Mount from the west of the county was James Martin a 31 year old Tin Miner born at Ludgvan with his wife Amelia (born St. Agnes), children James aged 6 born Ludgvan, Mary Ann aged 4 born St. Cleer and his 21 year old brother William also born at Ludgvan.

Picture the next house where lived 84 year old Ann Pearse described as Landed Proprietor with her 65 year old unmarried Servant Francis Lobb.

Relying heavily on the mine for their livelihood were the Pearce family.  William (56) a Tin Miner with his wife and their 2 sons – Jesham (18) interestingly described as a Copper Miner and Richard another Tin Miner.

This population supported other trades and next we find William Hancock a Shoe Maker with his wife and 3 children.  Two of the children Robert (25) and Thomas (21) are described as Journeymen being men who worked on a daily rate of pay.   Later in the census we find James Hancock living in the village a 27 year old Shoe Maker presumably still working with his father but now married to Ann and living in their own house with their one year old son John.

There is one person in the village whose home I can pinpoint with accuracy.  Richard Jewell (50) was a Farmer of 10 acres and an Innkeeper.  Hopefully you have all seen the plaque on Sancreed Cottage placed there when Thomas Pearce was publican.  Richard also had a small farm at the rear of the Inn and the two businesses kept him, his wife Ann and their 23 year old son Charles Crapp Jewell.   To help in the house they employed Mary Ann Luff a 23 year old House Servant born at St. Kew and presumably also took in visitors or boarders as 2 were there on Census Day – Frederick Bunt a Mason from Cardinham and his sister.

Providing clothing for the local population was Thomas Knight aged 39 a Tailor with his wife and their 2 young children.  Thomas was busy enough to employ an Apprentice – William Skinner – who lived with the family.

I think we can also pinpoint the next household to Smith’s Shop (bottom house on the left going towards St. Neot) where we find John Warne (48) a Blacksmith helped by his 18 year old son John who were doubtless kept very busy serving the farming and mining community.  Living with John Warne, his wife and 3 children was his nephew Charles Lobb a 24 year old Tin Miner.

Next we meet James Mutton a 29 year old Tin Miner with his wife Elizabeth and their young family of William (5) and James (9 months).

With a new occupation to us was Edward Skinner a 60 year old widower born at Lansallos and described as a Wood Man – did he saw timber for the mine?   Living with him was his 19 year old unmarried daughter Ann the School Mistress.   More to discover – where was the school in 1851?   Was it held in their Parlour?

Lastly in the village we find Elizabeth Knight  a 70 year old widow living on Parish Relief.

Now to keep the right side of the Editor of this excellent publication I conclude this article with Bofindle – and what a village on its own it was 150 years ago with 5 households.  The main farm and presumably where Geoff and Jackie Smeeth now live was Great Boffindle (spelt with 2 fs then) where lived 48 year old John Lander described as a Farmer of 80 acres with his wife Elizabeth and their 6 children ranging from William (16) down to Martin (5).  They may not have lived at Boffindle long as all the children were born at St. Breward and Blisland.   Also living with the family was Emma Elpherd an 18 year old House Servant.

Next we come to Little Boffindle where lived Richard Curra a 46 year old Agricultural Labourer and his wife Elizabeth.

Then to probably a rather crowded cottage – Boffindle Lane – occupied by Robert Abraham a 40 year old Tin Miner with his 31 year old wife Rebecca.   Now Rebecca deserves a medal when I tell you of the children she is bringing up – 7!  But look how the children had to work.  Joseph (12) and the twins – George and William aged 9 – were all described as Tin Miners.  Just reflect again a 12 year old and two 9 year olds working down in the depths of Treveddoe Mine.  The rest of the family supported by father and the three boys comprised Jane (10), John (5), Thomas (3) and Richard 11 months.

At East Boffindle lived William Jenking a 75 year old Farmer of 16 acres with his wife Elizabeth.

Finally at Boffindle lived Mary Ann Polmeer and I wonder what sad tale lies behind her life.   Mary Ann was only 27 but already a widow and bringing up her son William George (7) whilst her occupation is described as Nurse.

I conclude this series next month but if any of the names of the Mount Village residents jog a memory in the deeds to your house do please contact me (01208 821494) so that we can try and piece together the houses and their occupants.

John K

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Got your own memories to share?  Or any photos showing how Mount and Warleggan used to look in the old days?  Share them –  by email, through comments (below) or dropping off a pendrive/memory stick with Chris W (in Mount) or Gill K (in Warleggan)


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