Schedule of services

Church services  –  2022

The schedule for the first two months of 2023 is as follows:
church services janfeb2023b
Any enquiries, or to receive emailed latest news and updates to the schedule, please contact


Regular church services each Sunday of the month will follow this pattern:

*In the winter months (October when clocks change, until Easter), evening prayer is held at 3 pm.  In the summer months (after Easter til late October) it’s at 6 pm. 

> see also: upcoming events at the church


Andrew Lane   01208 821 551 

Gill Keast          01208 821 494


Rector: Revd Garry Dunlop Swinton (see profile)

Worship leader:  Liz Lane

>> see also: upcoming events at the church


2 Replies to “Schedule of services”

  1. As a short break visitor from Somerset I found your church fascinating. The real treat was to share communion and share BCP – I enjoyed hearing the familiar words from my childhood.
    Thank you everyone and Peace be with you x julie Vine

  2. Lovely service at St Bartholomews Warleggan tonight, just a bit disappointed that more people didn’t participate in this annual united carole service

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