Schedule of services

St Neot’s Feast Day.
Our village saints’ day will be celebrated in church with a short service at 10.30 am this Sunday, 26th July.
We had hoped to make a village festival day of it, but we will need to hold that idea into 2021. Our Patronal Festival this year will be shorter than usual – around 35 mins; we will be sitting two metres apart. We will be able to enjoy being together in a sacred space, dedicated to St Neot and will be able to listen to music, and possibly an acclaimed soloist, although we may not sing hymns at the moment. The Rev Philip Biggs will lead the service and the Rev Ian Wheatley will share a short sermon, followed by Communion. We look forward to sharing this Feast day with you, either in person, at 10.30 in church, or via live streaming on the village Facebook page or the St Neot church website. Everyone across our two parishes are welcome.
As Covid lockdown is softened, church services resume.  With effect from July 2020…
church jul2020
JULY 2020:
For many the above announcement will be good news and we remain mindful too of the needs of those who do not wish to join in any gatherings for the moment, and our website video (a recording of the service from this Sunday) and provision of DVD’s will continue, and from this Sunday we will add live streaming of the Sunday service.
Clearly, with the constraints we now have to work with, we are not able to safely sustain a pattern of worship we all have become familiar with.
Therefore, for the time being, there will be one service each Sunday. The service will alternate between Warleggan and St Neot and commence this Sunday at St Neot.
The time of the service will be 10.30 every Sunday and the services will be a mix of Morning Prayer, a form of Service of the Word, and a short form of Holy Communion. We are not allowed to sing, but there will be music. Each church will have appropriate seating arrangements in place and those attending church will be asked to occupy spaces at the font of the church first according to guidelines. Sanitiser will be provided.
There will hopefully come a time when we are able to gather as village communities to give thanks for health and well being and to acknowledge the endeavour and suffering that is part of our story now.
This provision of corporate worship, for the time being, will be reviewed at the end of August.
If you would like to be included in the email list for latest news, and zoom links of services, please contact .


When normal times return…

Regular church services each Sunday of the month will follow this pattern:

*In the winter months (October when clocks change, until Easter), evening prayer is held at 3 pm.  In the summer months (after Easter til late October) it’s at 6 pm. 

> see also: upcoming events at the church



  • Andrew Lane   01208 821 551
  • Gill Keast          01208 821 494


  • Rector:  Revd Philip Biggs
  • Worship leader:  Liz Lane

>> see also: upcoming events at the church

One thought on “Schedule of services

  1. Lovely service at St Bartholomews Warleggan tonight, just a bit disappointed that more people didn’t participate in this annual united carole service

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