Mount Reading Room & Social Club

reading room renovation 2022As you will have seen when travelling through Mount, the Reading Room after over 100 years serving the community is being almost rebuilt to ensure its future. Rob and his team of volunteers have been doing a splendid job in removing the old wooden floor and re-laying in concrete and are progressing with recladding the walls both internally and externally. Time has to be allowed for the floor to dry out but by the end of 2022 works should be completed and the Room available to anyone who wants to use it subject to a
nominal annual subscription.

Although the name “Reading Room” has been retained the main activities mainly comprise the Snooker Table and Dart Board. However, the Room will also be available for the
use of small groups during the daytime.


A new era for the snooker-reading room in Mount was agreed at the meeting held on Thursday 30 June 2022 where the future of this historic building was discussed.  There was standing room only at the meeting, and it was agreed that we should bring the building back to life.

More people than expected came to the meeting to discuss the future of the building, 30 June 2022



snooker room

004readingroomThe tin shack next to Mount crossroads, known as the ‘Reading Room’ contains some books, a small snooker table, and two dartboards.

£5 per year membership, and £1 per person per session to play either Snooker or Darts.  For info, call Richard on his mobile –  07717 691720.



5 Replies to “Mount Reading Room & Social Club”

  1. Tuesday evenings there ia a game of darts. We would like some more members if poss as we are getting fed up of being beaten by Chris. Anyone welcome but may be best to check with Crafty Chris, Tricky Nicky or Dynamo Dee just to make sure there is someone there. Or leave a message on here.

    1. Fed up of being beaten by me? It only happened the once… Better call me ‘Crestfallen Chris’ – so anyway… From my side, I’d particularly like to see darts players with little or preferably no experience coming along – and if they’re any good at multiplying, adding and subtracting, that’s a bonus! Maybe I can win again one day…

  2. Wonderful, at last, to see inside the rather grandly named Reaing Room! Lived in Warleggan until I was 18 and never got a glimpse in all that time. I used to wonder what it was like inside…

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