Big Do in the Field 2013

Big Do July 2013
Enjoying the dog show at the Big Do, 2013

What a day it was! On Saturday 27 July 2013, everyone gathered in the field opposite the Jubilee Hall in Mount. We had a range of stalls, hot and cold food, BBQ, hot and cold drinks, cream teas, ice-creams, beer & wine, raffle, a dog display and dog show (including an entertaining ‘challenge’ of avoiding the sausage being dangled in front of their noses), a bouncy castle, children’s games, roll a penny and Smite, plus a tug of war between boys and girls (with one or two adults trying, but failing, to slip in unnoticed).

Plus, of course, we had the ever popular ‘Annual Vegetable, Flower and Handicraft Show’ in the hall – with more entries than before, and some exceptional quality from young and old alike.

Results Check out who won in the various classes, both at the show in the hall, and in the events in the field –  see results.

Photos: cameras were clicking –  if you’ve got any pics you’d like to share, and you think those photographed wouldn’t mind being shown here, then send them in and we can include them in our Big Do 2013 Gallery.

Feedback:  did you enjoy it?  How could we make it better next time?  Use the ‘comments’ facility at the foot of this page;  or if you prefer not to see your name shown, send an email and I’ll summarise any comments received.


1) Big Do 2013:

2) Big Do 2012:


4 Replies to “Big Do in the Field 2013”

  1. Kids fancy dress on horseback? Dog show? Kids face painting? Home made go kart racing? Whose knees are they? Chasing Mr Smeeth?

  2. Tug of war, knobbly knees, archery, bird display from a sanctuary or something? mini paddling pool(if weather hot!!!!!) for the kids, little and large. Anyone own an old car/tractor for kiddy rides. Bale tossing, welly wanging,

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