Draft Minutes of Meetings

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Transcripts of minutes of parish meetings are presented here as drafts; anyone wishing to propose corrections etc. may do so when the minutes are read out for approval at the following meeting.

Important note:

The draft minutes posted here are in most cases transcriptions of the (hand-written) draft minutes produced by the Parish Clerk. In the event of any discrepancy between the two versions, it is the signed version held by the Clerk which shall be the formally recognised minutes.  Since anything published on the internet is accessible globally, certain pieces of information (e.g. full names, addresses, etc.) will normally be removed.

  • Parish meeting AGM 11 May 2023  – draft minutes to be published  – includes planning application PA23/03149.
  • Parish meeting 13 March 2023 –  includes updates on planning applications of previous meeting, along with new applications PA23/00146 for Erection of agricultural storage shed, land south of the Cott Two Waters Foot; and Application PA23/00725 for Certificate of Lawfulness for existing hardstanding  at 5 Noel’s Meadow, Mount; and PA23/01730 for Replacement of existing outbuilding with new outbuilding, and creation of bat roost within separate existing outbuilding at Pandia, Warleggan
  • Parish meeting 02 February 2023 –   includes report from our County Councillor, followed by discussions on mayor for the county, council tax for holiday lets, spaceport and speeding traffic;  also planning applications PA22/10004 (Rivermead Farm Cottages), and PA23/00082  (Underdown);  replacement gate at Yetta onto Treslea; plans for King’s Coronation in May
  • Parish meeting 27 October 2022 –   includes discussion on role of our County Councillor, updates on previous planning applications, parish precept, and new planning application PA22/08603 for The Wren in Warleggan
  • Parish meeting 28 July 2022  –   includes discussion on jubilee celebrations expense sharing, Yetta gate Treslea Downs, and planning applications PA22/05807 (Pool Cottage Mount) and PA22/05897 St Catherines Rd/Twowatersfoot 
  • Parish meeting 28 April 2022 –  includes discussion on planning application PA22/02918, and Yetta gate Treslea Downs
  • Parish meeting AGM 31 March 2022  –   includes chair and treasurer reports, election of officers and planning subcommittee, county councillor report, police report, and discussion on planning application PA22/01618, and options for repairing Yetta gate on Treslea Downs
  • Parish meeting 9 December 2021 –  includes Noel’s Meadow extension update, setting of parish precept for 2022-23, and ideas for Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations
  • Parish meeting 26 August 2021 –  includes tribute to John Jory, update on key issues raised at previous meeting (AGM), expenditure for parish party, and reviews of planning applications PA21/07147 for construction of 5 detached dwellings on land south of Noel’s Meadow , PA21/07579  for the proposed conversion of workshop/garage into a residential dwelling at St Catherines Road, and PA21/07676 for Certificate of lawfulness for continued use of Lower St Catherines as a separate dwelling house.
  • Parish meeting AGM 20 May 2021 –  includes chair and treasurer reports, election of officers and planning subcommittee, county councillor report, and discussion on proposed parish get-together this summer, stock out of control on the moor, the Age Concern bus, etc. 
  • Parish meeting AGM 3 September 2020 –  includes chair and treasurer reports, election of officers and planning subcommittee, county councillor report, and discussion on funding for new toilet block in church field. 
  • ‘Meeting’ of 9 April 2020, a non-held meeting (due to Covid-19) – draft for consultation 
  • Parish meeting 21 November 2019 – Planning Application PA19/09245* at The Dries Two Waters Foot;  further discussion residual funds from the Carnival Committee; Finger sign at Treslea Downs and at Mount; Broken style; parish precept for 2020/21
  • Parish meeting 3 October 2019 – Planning Application PA19/07756* at Higher Dewey, Warleggan;  further discussion land adjoining Noel’s Meadow PA19/01842*;  residual funds from the Carnival Committee; Finger sign at Treslea Downs; Broken style
  • Parish meeting 8 August 2019 – further discussion of below topics; plus planning PA19/04425 Dove Cote Warleggan and further discussion  planning for Noel’s Meadow extension (5 houses) PA19/01842
  • Parish meeting 27 June 2019  – includes discussion bridleway, traffic calming and speeding, dog control;  also what to do with cups and residue funds from carnival;  street light Mount; Planning application Trelawn Cottages Mount
  • Parish meeting AGM 18th April 2019 –  includes chair and treasurer reports, election of officers and planning subcommittee, county councillor report, discussion on planning land south of Noel’s Meadow, and on Lower Trevorder, traffic calming in Mount, Mount streetlight,, dog fouling, etc
  • Parish meeting 22 Nov 2018* includes COUNTY COUNCILLOR REPORT;  PARISH PRECEPT FOR COUNCIL TAX 2019/2020; PLANNING APPLICATION PA18/09632*, THE STABLE, BOFINDLE, MOUNT – Two storey extension to dwelling and disabled access;  Result of PLANNING APPEAL PA17/05972* LAND SOUTH OF NOEL’S MEADOW, MOUNT – Construction of 5 detached dwellings and 1 flat over a shop;  Development at Poldark Lodge, Broom Park, Barleysplatt
  • Parish meeting 18 Oct 2018* –  with discussion variety issues, and also planning applications Lower Tor House Warleggan, and Rivermead Farm Twowatersfoot;  also discuss replacement fingerpost Mount, and resurfacing Carburrow road.
  • Parish Meeting 19 July 2018*   – with discussion on appeal regarding planning application for additional houses near Noel’s Meadow –  see our Noel’s Meadow Extension page  –  plus boundary commission proposals and demise of Asda bus
  • Annual General Meeting of parish meeting, 12 April 2018* – includes chairperson’s report, treasurer’s report, election of officers, etc., discussion about field behind Jubilee Hall, about crimes and neighbourhood watch, and community outreach care/support.
  • Parish Meeting 7 December 2017*   – with discussion of many issues, incl potholes, knotweed, boundary commission proposal, parish precept, Castle Dewey planning application
  • Parish Meeting 5 October 2017*   – with discussion of many issues, incl. reading room maintenance work, Polventor planning application, field behind Jubilee Hall, boundary commission proposal
  • Parish Meeting 3 August 2017* – includes a review, together with the developers, of planning application ‘PA17/05972 Construction of 5 detached dwellings and 1 flat over a shop  Land South Of Noels Meadow
  • Parish Meeting 20 July  – includes initial discussion of application PA17/05972* on land south of Noels Meadow in Mount, plus discussion on proposals to reduce the number of county councillors in Cornwall  
  • Parish meeting, 26 May 2017*  –  includes matters arising from previous meeting, discussion on plaque for churchyard, vehicle parked next to reading room, planning application PA17/04463 for Building North of Wainsford House Two Waters Foot (two dormer windows), and children on bicycles in Mount.
  • Parish meeting,  16 February 2017  –  includes a review of planning application PA17/00184 | Outline application for the construction of 5 detached dwellings, and a retail unit with flat over | Land South Of Noels Meadow Noels Meadow Mount Cornwall PL30 4DG
  • Parish meeting, 15 December 2016  –  incl. updates on defibrillator, Bodmin Moor Commons Council, Mount crossroads light and the Chapel Bank Farm application, discussions on the code of conduct for planning sub-committee, and of parish meeting procedures, setting of parish precept for FY 2017/18, and a review of planning application for construction of extension at Callaway Cottage.
  • Parish meeting, 20 October 2016  –  incl planning application PA16/08919 | Proposed Dwelling and associated works | Chapel Bank Farm (Caravan Only) Road From Hut Circles And Field System To Barleysplat Wood Warleggan PL30 4HF
  • Parish Meeting 26 May 2016  –  incl update defibrillator, and planning application PA16/03584 for ‘Change of use of land for the siting of 3no. glamping units (shepherd huts) in support of an existing tourism business’  
  • Parish meeting 7 Jan 2016   – discussion on defibrillators for Mount and Warleggan phone boxes, and two planning applications, incl. lifting seasonal occupancy restriction for Mount Pleasant Hotel, and construction conservatory Sancreed Cottage. 
  • Parish meeting 10 Dec 2015  – discussion on parish precept, defibrillators for Mount and Warleggan phone boxes, Ocean Housing development, and application  PA15/10012 for removal of an agricultural tie 
  • Parish meeting 24 Sept 2015  – with discussion and presentation on defibrillators for BT phone boxes, and planning application PA15/07524*, extension and alterations to dwelling at Swallows Barn Mount 
  • Parish meeting  2 July 2015   – (with discussion on use of decommissioned phone boxes, and planning sub-committee meeting to review PA14/06056* – Construction of a single storey swimming pool building at Cabilla)
  • Parish meeting 14 November 2014  – (includes setting of parish precept; future of the public telephone boxes in the parish; and planning proposal PA14/09286 Erection of an agricultural building for both the storage of feed and machinery along with livestock,  Trengoffe Mount Bodmin Cornwall PL30 4DR)
  • Parish meeting 17 July 2014  (agenda included a revised application  for change of use of building in Twowatersfoot, and an application for construction of dwelling on land opposite Sancreed Cottage Mount)
  • Parish meeting  27 May 2014  (agenda included trees as memorial for the fallen from World War I, and an application  for change of use of building in Twowatersfoot)
  • Parish meeting 21 November 2013  (agenda included setting of parish precept, review of two planning applications including one from Ocean Housing, and an update on neighbourhood plan idea)
  • Open meeting 11th June 2013 (meeting was called to discuss Ocean Housing’s proposals for affordable housing in field adjoining Rosevean, in Mount)  – see also our Ocean Housing discussion page;  and, in light of discussions following this open meeting, our Neighbourhood Plan discussion page
  • Parish Meeting 12 March 2013 (agenda included a planning application for Pixie Nook, and discussions on animal welfare on the Moor and in the Glebe)
  • Parish Meeting 19 February 2013 (agenda included a planning application for Rivermead Farm swimming pool and accommodation, and a discussion of procedures related to the wind turbine application review, South Bofindle)
  • Parish Meeting 7 August 2012    (agenda included Ocean Housing proposal for ten dwellings; and a planning application for a wind turbine, Bofindle Farm)



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