Annual Picnic & Tidy-Up

We celebrate St Bartholomew’s Day

each year in August with a church tidy-up…

This year, 2016:

  • Wednesday 24 August, 12 noon:  St Bartholomew’s Day Annual Picnic and Work Party  –  enjoy your picnic outside the church, and then help clean up inside and outside   

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and find out more about Saint Bartholomew the Apostle*

In 2013, the annual tidy-up was held a few days early, so as not to clash with the bank holiday weekend. On Tuesday 20th August 2013, we had a picnic in the church grounds –  and, oh yes, did a bit of tidying up afterwards.  The rampant sycamores were encouraged once again to resemble a hedge.  Thanks go to everyone who came and gave a hand.

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