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Please be aware that special measures are in place due to COVID-19, and that each booking request will have to be carefully considered. There are legal limits to the types of activities that can be held, and social distancing requirements mean that the numbers of people and/or households able to use the hall at any time are also restricted. These rules change over time; please contact us for latest situation. In all cases, the hall management needs to be fully satisfied that proposed hires are appropriate for the current situation, and reserves the right to decline booking requests, and to cancel bookings if the need arises.   

The Warleggan Jubilee Hall can be booked for private or public functions.

Here’s what to do if you are interested in hiring the hall:

  1. Check to see when the hall is free by looking at our online hall diary* (opens in new window).
  2. Do your research. Ensure you have read all the relevant information about the hall on this website. See for example our hall hire info and hall hire rates.
  3. If you want a copy of the hall hire form (which includes additional conditions related to Covid-19), or if you have any queries, and/or want a booking to be pencilled in, please call Chris on 01208 821409, or drop an email to, or use the form below.
  4. Complete and sign the hall hire form (by hand or with computer), and either email it to or post/hand it to Chris or Simon.
  5. To make a firm booking, non-regular users will normally be required to pay a deposit of £20, to be received at least 72 hours prior to booked start-time.  Cheques are to be made payable to ‘Warleggan Jubilee Hall’;  payment can also be via BACS (details are given on the hall hire form mentioned above).
  6. If you wish to cancel a booking, this should be done with as much notice as possible, please. Your deposit will be refunded if at least 72 hours’ notice is given;  if shorter notice is given, the Hall Committee reserves the right not to refund the deposit.

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If you’d like to make a reservation for the hall, or seek some information, please phone Chris on 01208 821409, or use the form below.  Note that no booking is made for you until you have received (a) a response confirming the booking, and (b) confirmation of receipt of your booking form and of any advance payment required. 

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