Table Tennis

Table tennis is held each Sunday, 10.30 am – 12.30 pm, at the Jubilee Hall in Mount.   Drop in anytime, free for first-timers!  We’ve got spare bats etc., just wear sensible non-slip shoes.


The sessions are open to all (there’s no membership system)  –   come and leave anytime within the period;  or just come and watch and join us for a cuppa. No talent needed. No special clothes (just wear sensible shoes). Check this page before coming just in case we have to cancel for some reason. 

£2.50 per person (£1 for youngsters).

Anyone is welcome to pop over to the hall and join in.

New players always welcome to join us!  Free entry the first day.

There are some who have difficulty coming on Sunday mornings, so if the interest is there, we could have an additional session on a weekday,  e.g.  4.30 pm to 6.30 pm.  Call  07842 612989 or contact this website  if you might be interested, stating your preferred day/time to play. 


Yes, Warleggan has its own table tennis table, and some bats and a good number of balls as well.

Anyone is welcome to pop over to the hall and join in.

£2.50 per person (£1 for youngsters) –  goes into a  kitty, to cover hall-hire for the sessions and tea/coffee.  Turn up and leave anytime. No experience needed – most people hadn’t played since childhood.

First night: and the table passes the testThe table can also be used at any other time that the hall is not in use.  Contact via this website*.

The equipment was bought second-hand by the Jubilee Hall as a way of celebrating the fantastic success of the Big Do in 2014, which as well as giving us all a great afternoon out, realised a profit of over a thousand pounds.  Thanks go to the Hall Committee for their support, and to Annie O for her nudging!

 For reference – our policy during covid-19 follows…  This version was as per guidance early 2021:

The details are as given below. Please read carefully:

Face coverings to be worn throughout;  only to be taken off when either seated or playing  (but you may keep them on if you prefer);  and remember, it might get cold, as  windows and doors  will be open.
Please let Chris or Carrie know if you’d like to come.  If you haven’t booked, and we are full, then you can’t come in!
And importantly, please don’t even think about coming if you have a cough or any other symptom that might mean covid.  It’s just not fair on everyone else in the event you later test positive.
Our protocol is as follows –  please read carefully:

Table Tennis –  Covid-19 Policy

If you feel at all unwell please do not come to table tennis. There is a long list of symptoms, so please check the government website for current and up to date advice.  If in doubt, don’t come.

If you start to feel unwell during the session, don’t keep it secret. Tell someone.  Go into the Unisex toilet (which also serves as a covid-isolation room), where there is a chair;  anyone assisting can use the PPE available in the store cupboard;  all other players should leave the premises;  make sure someone from hall management is informed.

Before you arrive:

Let us know if you plan to come. As per rules from Table Tennis England, and for everyone’s safety and comfort, the number of players allowed is limited to nine.[1] The hall will be clean, and key surfaces will have been wiped by the person who opened up the hall for table tennis;  he/she will also have opened all the doors and windows to ensure good airflow;  the table tennis table will be out and wiped clean; chairs will have been placed suitably distanced along the wall, and will have been wiped.

On arrival, please do the following:

  1. Wear a face covering when you enter and leave the hall, and anytime when moving around indoors. A face covering is not required when seated, or when playing, or when outdoors.
  2. In a bag, bring into the hall ONLY the things you need – your bat, your drink/snacks, and your cardigan/jacket etc (note it may be cold as windows will be kept open).
  3. Avoid touching door handles, chair legs, table, etc. where possible.
  4. As you enter, put your bag to one side, and write your name on the list, and put your money (exact change, please, no coins below 50p) in the box on the table.
  5. Now, go and wash your hands with soap and hot water and/or use the hand sanitiser.
  6. Avoid using the toilet – hopefully you will have used facilities at home before coming.
  7. Choose a chair, and place your bag (bat/food/drink/cardigan etc) on or under it; this will be your chair for the whole session.  Do not move it.  If there isn’t a chair available, take one from the pile of chairs at the end of the hall, and place it a minimum 2 metres from any other chair.
  8. If there are two of you from the same household or bubble, you may sit next to each other.
  9. If the noise level rises, stop talking – don’t start shouting. If those not playing want to talk together more easily, they can go outside, into car park or out through patio doors.

Playing table tennis:

  1. Before each new game, wipe down the table and the ball. All players to sanitise their hands.
  2. Only singles play is allowed; doubles is OK only if pairs are from the same household/bubble.
  3. Do not touch the table at any time, including during play. The rule about losing the point if you touch the table will apply!
  4. Only Tim and Carrie are allowed to touch the scoring counter. If they are absent, even if temporarily, scoring will be done by memory.
  5. Avoid shaking hands, high fives, etc.

At the end of the session:

  1. Most people will leave promptly, maintaining social distance (taking their bags, again avoiding touching surfaces, washing/sanitising hands as they leave).
  2. Some volunteers will stay to pack up – they will each wash/sanitise their hands, then one person/team will wipe down chairs, scorer’s table, table tennis table, while the other person/team will take these items to where they are kept, at the end of the hall. They will then leave, wiping as they go, and washing/sanitising hands before locking and departing.
  3. Chris/Carrie will retain for 21 days the list of names, for track and trace purposes.
  4. Members must contact Chris/Carrie by telephone or email if they or any of their contacts or household test positive for Coronavirus – completion of isolation period to be confirmed.

[1] Table Tennis England allows up to nine players in a one-table set-up in a hall of our size (see guidance, Table Tennis England / government).


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