Survey: “What do you want?”

Click above to download results, 2 pages, PDF
Click above to download results, 2 pages, PDF


A big ‘thank you’ to everyone who participated in the survey.

We had 29 completed forms.

The results have been posted on the noticeboard in the Jubilee Hall – or they can be downloaded as a two-page PDF document HERE


Click image above to download the survey (Word document, 67Kb)
Click above to download the survey (Word document, 67Kb)

What events do you want to see happening in Warleggan? 

What clubs might you like to join?

The March 2014 issue of the parish newsletter contains a survey, which aims to find out what activities people would like to see happening in the parish, whether in the hall or outside.

Download this surveyclick HERE

Get your voice heard!  It won’t take more than a couple of minutes.  Just draw a few circles (around activities you might be interested in) and a couple of arrows (for anything you’d be happy to help get started).

The survey is open to everyone living in (or very near) the parish, as well as all hall users and visitors.  You can use one form to represent the interests of everyone in your household (you might have multiple circles around some ideas, if many of you are interested) –  or feel free to have each member fill their own form.  Children can fill theirs in too.

You can get extra copies of the form just inside the main door of the Jubilee Hall, or from Henry/Brenda’s porch, or from Chris (821409) or Gill (821494).  Or you can print them out from here (see link above).

* * * Let’s do it – the more of us who say what we want, the more we’ll get what we want! * * *

The deadline for completed surveys to come in has been extended  – it’s now 11 pm Friday 28 March 2014 (just after the Carn to Cove performance closes) – you can drop off your completed form in the hall any time (or other places – see instructions on the form) or you can scan the completed form and attach it as an email to

As soon as we can, we will publish the results of the survey here and in the hall (no names, just the numbers!).

Then, for those activities and clubs where a reasonable number are interested, we’ll help you get in touch with each other to decide whether, how often and when to meet.

Good luck  – and thanks for your time.  Hopefully as a result of this exercise, we’ll get the hall doing more of the kinds of things that you want!

Download this surveyclick HERE


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