Warleggan Jubilee Hall Trust

The Jubilee Hall is managed by the Warleggan Jubilee Hall Trust, a charitable incorporated organisation approved by the Charities Commission, charity number 1166176
–  s
ee  Constitution dated 22 March 2016*

Next hall management meeting:  

to be announced

The Warleggan Jubilee Hall Trust manages the Jubilee Hall, and is established as a charitable incorporated organisation, approved by the Charities Commission (Charity Number 1166176).  See Constitution of March 2016.*

  • Charity TrusteesGill K (chairman, 01208 821494),  Andrew L (vice chairman), Jasmina G, Liz L, John S, and Di W
  • Treasurer: Simon M. (07956 356469)
  • Secretary: Pam L.  (01208 821260)
  • Health and Safety Officer:  Glyn L. (01208 821260) 
  • Hall Hire Bookings: Chris W. (07842 612989 or 01208 821409).

The hall user group representatives are John K (for Parish Meeting), Diane (Village Greens), Shirley (Chapel), Veronica (History Club), Mike (Young Farmers), Richard J (Reading Room) and Chris (Table Tennis).  Pilates is represented by Gill (chairman), and the Church is represented by Andrew (vice chairman).  There are also a number of co-opted members supporting us.

Details about previous meetings:

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