Defibrillator for Mount

Defibrillator – installed at Jubilee Hall phone box on 18 November 2016

LATEST:  Our new defibrillator is installed – volunteers wanted 

The equipment is very easy to use, and the machine talks you through what to do, so in reality training isn’t needed –  but the more of us who feel confident to use it the better.

Following a training evening at the Jubilee Hall  we are now looking for volunteers to step up to the plate. A maximum of 10 people are invited to pass their name to Norman Trebilcock at; you will need to be able to get to the defibrillator very quickly (notification of an emergency will come to you via a text message on your mobile phone) hence the need for more people in Mount to come forward and be prepared to save a life.

We are intending to book some more training in CPR technique and use of the defibrillator, although once the machine has been activated there is a recorded voice that talks you through the process (even without the necessary training it would be easy to use), so there is nothing to be nervous about and as a bonus you may well save your neighbour’s life.

Thanks to all those who donated and supported, whether through supporting Warleggan Young Farmers‘ fundraising activities, or through sponsoring runner Sarah Cox, or through donating direct to our appeal. 


Marathon-runner Sarah Cox (in yellow) meets parishioners at Village Greens shop – raising money for the defibrillator


IMG_5504 sarah marathon cpd rtOn Sunday 24 April, Sarah Cox successfully completed the London Marathon. She wrote to us immediately after the run (where does she find the energy?) to say:

Hi all.  Just wanted to update you and the village. I completed yesterday’s marathon in 4 hours and 24 minutes. Carrying the Cornish flag the whole way! I was pleased with this run as I had been poorly with a cough and only managed a handful of runs to train. It was my 8th marathon and my 4th London Marathon. Was a fantastic run and am feeling good today!

Over the summer, Sarah has also organised a number of fundraising events in Bodmin, including a quiz night and a disco.

Meanwhile, there were a number of fundraising events organised by Warleggan Young Farmers, who are also raised funds for this cause.

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