Places to Go

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  • Popular Pubs
    • The London Inn, St Neot, PL14 6NG, 01579 326728
    • Halfway House, on A38, Twowatersfoot, PL14 6HR,  01208 821763
    • Colliford Tavern, nr Colliford Lake, PL14 6PZ, 01208 821335 – please phone to check whether and when restaurant/bar is open
    • Blisland Inn, Blisland, PL30 4JK, 01208 850739
    • The Cheesewring, Minions, PL14 5LE,  01579 362321  – currently closed (following a major fire in December 2021)
    • The Old Inn, St Breward, PL30 4PP, 01208 850711
    • Crows Nest Inn, Darite, Liskeard, Cornwall PL14 5JQ, 01579 345930
  • >>>>>>>> More suggestions for other nearby attractions welcome. Pls email us or use ‘comments’.

4 Replies to “Places to Go”

    1. Thanks Dee – done. Let me know anytime you get further flashes of inspiration! I see from their website that they’ve got what looks like a good christmas season menu there – they do good lunches anyway, and I think welcome the business!

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