Old Phone Box Use

Heart attack? Do we want a defibrillator installed in the old phone box? Find out more: parish meeting 24 Sept 2015 at the hall
Heart attack? We’re raising money for a defibrillator in the old phone box 

This might get your heart pumping!
We are raising money for a life-saving defibrillator to go in the old phonebox next to the hall  – see here

The parish has adopted the two old phone boxes, and these have been repainted (thanks to the efforts of John S and Zak). .

For the phone box in Mount, next to the Jubilee Hall, the Parish Meeting has agreed to install a defibrillator, enabling anyone having a heart attack to get faster treatment;  dial 999 and they’ll tell you where the nearest one is;  and the equipment is self-explanatory, it assesses the patient;  and talks to the helper;  and can save lives.  Some of you may have come to the parish meeting of 25 Sept 2015, where a representative from Fleet (the Front Line Emergency Equipment Trust) provided advice and answered questions;  a good guide to how these things work is available from this PDF from the British Heart Foundation.

And so now we need to raise £3,100 for the defibrillator.  Warleggan Young Farmers have made this cause one of the two they are supporting this year;  and postie-Graham’s daughter-in-law Sarah, from Bodmin, is going to raise money for us at this year’s London Marathon.

>>>  See our new Defibrillator Fundraising page   <<<

>>>  Donate now –  and use GiftAid if you can   <<< 


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