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  1. Looking for summer grazing for a lovely gelding who needs a break from competing. Happily turn out with other geldings but not with mares. Please let me know on 07796 270899
    Many thanks. Rosemary Penn

  2. Whereabouts are you please? (ed: regarding below, comment, horse rugs)

  3. Gillian franklin

    For Sale…. Horse rugs, 6’6″ and 5’6″ from winter to fly rugs. 07933313121

  4. Cleaner required for Jubilee Hall in Mount – see poster below – applications by 1st Feb to or by post or hand to Gill (Chykest, Warleggan) or to Chris (Highclere, Mount).
    Hall cleaner wanted

  5. FOR SALE GREENHOUSE 8 X 6 £85 📱☎ 07766 531473

  6. Invitation for Tenders
    Cardinham Parish Council are looking for tenders for grass cutting in the parish and tenders for the footpaths maintenance in the parish.

    Tender forms are available from the clerk at

    Closing date 12th December

  7. Firewood for sale delivered local bulk or bags Geoff Smeeth 821252 07768781970

  8. Tristan Farnworth

    Old Photos of Mount & Warleggan

    I often think of my time growing up in the late 70s and 80s in Warleggan and Mount.

    I especially remember little jaunts to the two shops in Mount to get my jelly babies from Watsons and fizzy flying saucer sweets from the Post Office. I always remember Noel’s beautiful manners and even remember his mother and father; the latter of whom always gave you the price in old money and then grudgingly give it in new money when pressed.

    I was just wondering if anyone had any old photos of Mount or Warleggan (from any decade) – especially the shops – that they could post on the website? It would be an interesting trip down memory lane for some!

  9. Cathy Farnworth

    Would love it if anyone can offer us a garage or covered space for our car when we are not in Warleggan. Our vehicle gets very run down due to damp etc up at Warleggan and there are (sometimes significant) problems with the care every time we get back. Please let me know if you have space we can rent. Thanks much.

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