Super Typhoon Shelter Box

thanks shelterboxTotal raised and handed over to Shelter Box: £1,374.50  

Everyone’s been very generous.  Lots of people came along to support the event, and thanks go too to the volunteers who helped make it such a success.  Not only were there plenty of sales at the event (and all one hundred pasties were sold) but Pat and Shirley also received cash and cheque donations (and are happy to receive more). Thanks also go to the hall committee who waived the hall-hire charges for this event;  and to Barnecutt‘s, who had very generously donated their pasties, free of charge, to be sold to raise even more money at this fundraising event –  many thanks!!!

In light of the devastation caused by Super Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, Warleggan Parish is raising funds for a Shelter Box to provide relief to the survivors there.

It’s not the first time that the parish has sponsored a Shelter Box.  These boxes contain everything a family needs to cope at this most difficult time – including a strong tent – and even the container itself is strongly made, and can be used to hold water, or to serve as a cot, or whatever.  Check out the Shelter Box website to see what you will normally find in a shelter box.



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