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On the subject of recycling –  are we liable for accidents caused by out of control recycling bags?
see M&WL newsletter, July 2012, page 3


by email from Elizabeth Banfield, 13th July 2012:


I’ve just been reading the website and such a lot has been answered, things I wanted to know and things I didn’t know I wanted to know!

I read the bit on recycling and would just like to thank everyone who helps me to recycle a huge amount of ‘waste’ every week. We recycle probably more than many but of course I’m not talking about household waste – I’m talking about ‘Sophie’s waste’ ! Manure.

When we came to live here, we found that we could only have a manure heap in the top field. I staggered up there with a wheel barrow a few times but realised very quickly something else needed to be done. Tony suggested bagging it up neatly and cleanly and offering it free to anyone who wanted it. It took a week or two, perhaps three (!) for people to realise I was actually giving it away but it went and it ‘goes’ regularly. Less so in the depths of winter but eventually, it all goes. There’s a bit of ‘Sophie’ all over the parish and even beyond. One gentleman has even taken it back to Kent !

My fields haven’t had fertilser on them for about 4 years and Sophie’s hay comes from John and Margaret in Cardinham. All my equestrian friends have been very envious of this fragrant hay which is of excellent quality. Sophie is a ‘good doer’ so has little hard feed, particularly in the summer; I’m not saying Sophie’s manure is organic but it’s pretty close. It makes wonderful compost and as I separate it from the bedding which is bagged separately, it doesn’t have straw in it which takes some time to break down. Sophie’s bedding is miscanthus, from Colin and James Mutton of St Tudy, and that too is wonderful for composting or mulching after Sophie has finished with it!

So thank you to all our ‘customers’ who are making compost of seriously high quality and relieving me of a lot of heavy work lugging it up to the top field!

Elizabeth Banfield (The Hand Picked Pure Manure Company !)

Ingleside, Mount

Observation from Chris: The gentleman from Kent – that was my brother-in-law, I believe. He loves these kinds of souvenirs, and his vegetables have been doing great!


by email from Ian Watson, 15th June 2012:

I was lucky enough this morning to catch the collection at 7.30 and spoke to the operator and asked whether this would be his normal collection time. All he could tell me that it would be early morning as a rule but a lot depends what time he gets away from the yard at Bodmin.

He also said that very few people prior to me had put out recycling this morning and he advised them to put it out the previous night to ensure collection. I told him my own concerns regarding paper getting wet etc but apparently this does not matter. I pass this on for your information for the future.


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3 Replies to “Recycling & Rubbish”

  1. Slight amendment to my previous comment. The gloves were white disposable and not blue.
    Apologies for that but the overall comments are still valid.

  2. Carole has walked to Pantersbridge today with the specific intention of picking up items of rubbish that have accumulated recently. In just that short distance she filled a large bin bag including several pairs of blue rubber gloves!!!
    On another walk later today along with Dee in the other direction they also collected another bin full of rubbish!
    What is wrong with people! We live in a beautiful part of Cornwall spoilt at times with the mindless disposal of waste. Can those involved please give a little thought to the effect of your selfish actions.i

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