‘MIND’ Appeal

I wonder how many parishioners are aware of the ‘Restormel Mind’ Charity based in Bodmin and the amazing work that they do?

MIND exists to support local people with mental health issues. These issues all have different names – depression, psychosis,personality disorder or whatever but it is true to say that many of the causes arise from simple loneliness and isolation.

On a tiny budget and largely thanks to a group of remarkable volunteers MIND offers a whole range of opportunities for people to meet with others , to learn skills and to be assisted back into the job market where this is a factor. Gardening , computer skills, knitting, yoga, cooking , social events and mentoring into work all are provided for participants in Bodmin and the surrounding area.

Funding though is of course the crunch question and with grants becoming less and less available the decision has been taken to open up a MIND charity shop in Fore Street, Bodmin (opposite Woolacotts) in January 2013.

‘Not another Charity Shop!’ I hear say. Well yes, because frankly they are one of the few areas of the retail economy that is doing well at the moment and this one will be a bit different as it has small area for teas and coffees as well as the shop. It also has an outstandingly good manager.

So with time running on there is an urgent need for good quality clothing, ornaments, small furniture and electrical goods, that sort of thing…  If you have any of these things – particularly after Christmas when you might find yourself overburdened with socks or similar ! – then please contact me on the number below and I will collect.

Many thanks and a Happy Christmas !

 Andrew Lane

01208 821551


One Reply to “‘MIND’ Appeal”

  1. I am now a volunteer driver for Mind, and most weeks am asked to go and collect items and deliver to the Mind shop in Bodmin; so if you have anything wanting taken to the Mind shop, just let me know.
    Chris, at 821409

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