Village Greens

38154078_10155279188806307_4181774897497767936_nWHERE: Warleggan  Jubilee Hall, Mount PL30 4ES  ~ see directions

WHEN:  Fridays, 9 am – 2 pm (except Good Friday, Friday of Royal Cornwall Show, and around Christmas/New Year)

See our latest updates at the bottom of this page – this is usually posted here one or two days before the Friday.

>> See Village Greens’ Facebook page*.

Every Friday, Village Greens offers a choice of local fresh fruit, vegetables, meat and dairy produce, along with cakes, preserves, handicrafts and lots lots more.


Refreshments are also available:  tea and coffee, cooked breakfasts, light lunches, soups and other snacks (see latest update below).

Village Greens is a Community Interest Company: it is a not for profit business whose guiding principles are that it is good for the animals, good for the environment and good for you.

If you are a producer, volunteer, or customer that would like to get more  involved please let us know.





LATEST UPDATE   (18 September 2019, about upcoming Village Greens, Friday 20 September)

We’re accustomed to available food of all types, from all corners of the globe (despite it having no actual corners.) This makes it easy to detach ourselves from the hard graft of food production, the ebb and flow of seasonal shopping, and the creative culinary effort of using what is ripening in our local environment. It’s like an episode of “Ready, Steady, Cook.” Contestants are given a basket of seemingly random ingredients, with the challenge of serving up a tempting plate of food. The patterns of available ingredients are at times challenging, we’ve just made it through “egg season,” with a continual glut of all things eggy, (fried, poached, boiled, omlette, scrambled, quiche, lemon curd, custard, ice cream, cake, scotch eggs, pickled) the hens have now reduced their efforts, and we’re into fruit, (plums, apples, raspberries, blackberries, pears.) We eat lots of the same ingredients intensely for a period of time, then there is none until that season comes again. Now is a great time to test out really local shopping habits, with lots of variety from our own parish. This week we have tomatoes, runner beans, cucumbers, apples and watercress all grown within walking distance.
Other fruit and veg are brought in, mainly from the south west, including calabrese, courgette, pointy cabbage and leeks. We also stock a wide range of basics, enough to save a trip to the supermarket. We are trying to reduce our car journeys to the minimum, and changing our food shopping habits can help us succeed in this aim.
On 27th Sept we will be hosting a Macmillan Cake Stall, we welcome donations, and an appetite for plenty of cake.
See you there
Village Greens
Vill Greens
A selection of fresh vegetables




5 thoughts on “Village Greens

  1. Just to say that this week (12th April) is my last week at the shop for 5 weeks so no jewellery until 22nd May.

    Kind regards

  2. I’d like to thank everyone who has supported me through the year buying my cards and jewellery and wish you all a “Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year”

  3. I am so pleased to learn it is good for the animals as Summer and Cipolina thoroughly deserved their short (one off) visit today and would like to thank you all for your tolerance and appreciation!

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