MAWL newsletter

Every two months, residents of the parish will hear the welcome sound of the MAWL newsletter being delivered to their door.

But we also make the newsletter available online here for the benefit of those living far away but still wanting to keep in touch, and of those parishioners who wish to save paper and have asked not to receive printed copies.

The ‘Mount and Warleggan Life’ newsletter continues to be delivered, or, if you wish to receive an emailed version instead, please let Gill know on 01208 821494.

Previous issues:

3 Replies to “MAWL newsletter”

  1. This is great for those whom no longer live in the village but who still have a keen interest in the church and occasions that are passing through. Thank you a wonderful idea.

  2. Good idea-another move into the 21st century-especially good for the younger people in the area who are more likely to use it.

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