Parish Meetings: How they Work

Warleggan, in light of its relatively small size, does not have a parish council;  it does not even have a parish committee;  but it does hold ‘parish meetings’.

Parish meetings‘ are held regularly, are open to all parishioners, all of whom have an equal vote, and are a forum through which parish affairs can be discussed. Parish Meetings are fully recognised by Cornwall Council.  Note that parish meetings are distinct from ‘Planning Sub-Committee meetings’ (which are discussed below).

Since we need someone to chair parish meetings, and someone to take minutes etc., we have a Chairman and Clerk – and these posts are elected annually at the Parish Meeting AGM (Annual General Meeting) –  this is done through a proposal being made, being seconded, and passed through a majority show of hands.  Indeed, all votes at parish meetings are done this way – except, importantly, for the voting for members of the Planning Sub-Committee, which is explained below.

As agreed at the Parish AGM of 16th April 2013 (by much more than the two thirds majority that is required for changes to the constitution), we now also have a position of Vice Chairman.

The following documents guide how it all works:

All parish meetings are minuted by the Parish Clerk, and in the parish meeting of 4th September 2012, it was agreed that transcriptions of the draft minutes will be published on this website soon after each meeting.  See  minutes.

Planning Sub-Committee

As noted above, the parish has a planning sub-committee that can, after hearing the views of parishioners, make recommendations to Cornwall Council regarding planning applications.  The Planning Sub-Committee members are elected annually by secret ballot each Spring at the Parish Meeting AGM, and as per our Standing Orders,  anyone wishing or willing to be considered for election to the Planning Sub-Committee must give their names to the Parish Clerk at least four days prior to the AGM.

Go the the Parish Meetings page to see the names of those currently on the planning sub-committee, as well as the names of the Parish Meeting  Chairman and Clerk, and also information on upcoming and recent meetings.

>> Find out more about how Planning works in Warleggan


2 Replies to “Parish Meetings: How they Work”

  1. Would a person that is on the planning commitee now have to inform the clerk of their willingness to continue to serve on that commitee ?

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