Hall hire information

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Bookings: To book the hall, or to enquire about this, phone Chris on 01208 821409 or you can try Simon on 07956 356469, or email warlhall@hotmail.com  – see ‘book the hall

Advice for hall users

  • The Hall hirer is responsible for preparing the Hall for an event and for returning all furniture and crockery/cutlery to their allocated places at the end.
  • Lights for the Hall are in the back room, beyond the far end of the Hall on the back wall, to the right of the emergency exit.  See floorplan in lobby.
  • Tea towels are to be provided by hirer (see more information about the kitchen).
  • If you require the use of the fridge you need to ensure you switch it on in sufficient time to cool down and at the end ensure the fridge is empty, switched off and left with the door open.
  • No food remains (not even used tea bags) are to be left in the Hall; you should bring your own rubbish bag and take all rubbish away.
  • If you wish to sell alcoholic drinks at the event, you will need (a) to seek permission from the Hall management (as there is a strict limit on how many ‘temporary event notices’ can be applied for in the premises each year);  and (b) to apply for your temporary event notice (‘TEN’) from Cornwall Council;  both of these MUST be done weeks before the event –  find out more about TENs*.
  • If you need to light the car park at the end of the event, use the labelled push button switch to give you five minutes of light; this button is located in the Hall by the back door next to the fire extinguisher.
  • Needless to say, dangerous activities such as use of naked flames, fireworks, machinery, etc. are strictly banned both within the hall and in the immediate vicinity.

 Hall Heating

  • Heating is now provided through a thermostat.  Please do NOT adjust this.
  • Do not adjust radiator thermostats;  they are set at 5 within the hall, and  2 in adjoining rooms.
  • If the boiler on the left of the back door is showing a green light everything is functioning normally. If the light shows red  and the heating is not coming on, please call John on 01208 821215, or Chris on 01208 821409.
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