Constitution for Warleggan Parish Meeting

(adopted April 19, 2011)

  1. Purpose: The role of the Warleggan Parish Meeting is to promote and protect the interests of the communities of Warleggan parish
  1. Sub-Committees: The Parish Meeting may appoint temporary or standing Sub-Committees if it wishes
  1. Meetings: The Chairman will call a Parish Meeting at least four times a year, in addition to an Annual General Meeting. A minimum of 10 days’ notice must be given (via parish notice boards) of all Parish Meetings and two weeks’ notice of AGMs and EGMs. The Chairman must convene an Extraordinary General Meeting within two weeks of receiving a written request signed by at least 12 voters in the parish; otherwise the chairman may call an EGM when he or she deems circumstances require one. Parish Meetings, AGMs and EGMs shall generally be held in the evenings and located in Mount and Warleggan Jubilee Hall though sub-committees may meet elsewhere.
  1. Records: The Clerk shall make and keep a record of all meetings, available for inspection by any parish voter on reasonable notice.
  1. Planning: The Parish Meeting shall elect annually by secret ballot at the AGM a standing Planning Sub-Committee, comprising no more than 8 members of the parish together with the Parish Chairman and Clerk ex-officio. Where insufficient members have been elected by ballot the Sub-Committee may nominate at its discretion individuals for co-option, providing those co-opted do not outnumber those elected. Vacancies between elections may be filled by co-option. The Planning Sub-Committee will determine, by vote if necessary, all planning matters relating to the parish. It may communicate directly with the appropriate local authorities. Parish residents may attend its meetings and speak but not vote; they may be excluded in the event of highly sensitive matters only on a two-thirds majority vote of the Sub-Committee members present. The reason for the exclusion must be stated in the exclusion resolution. The Clerk must ensure that at least one week’s notice is given (via parish notice-boards) of all meetings of the Planning Sub-Committee
  1. Code of Conduct: The Parish Meeting shall by majority vote adopt a set of Standing Orders and a Code of Conduct.
  1. Constitution: This Constitution may be altered or added to by a two-thirds majority vote at any Parish Meeting.

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