Planning Procedures

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In light of the discussions that have arisen regarding planning processes, most recently in the Parish Meeting of 19th February 2013, the intention here is to provide links to key information:

1)   Protocol for local councils (draft, PDF)  – as promised at the parish meeting of 19th February, Derris has provided us with a copy of this, which includes a flowchart setting out the steps etc. involved in responding to a planning application.

2)  Basic Guide and FAQs regarding planning (link opens on new page), on UK Government’s planning portal

3) Planning Aid – Material Planning Considerations – a one page summary (PDF) of what can (and what cannot) be considered when assessing a planning application

In light of the heightened  interest currently shown in applications processes, with applications for turbines proving contentious,  the Cornwall Councillor for the Parish Derris Watson on 5th September 2012 kindly emailed the following guidance about processes used:

Within St Cleer Division the system we have evolved is this

Consultation goes to the Parish Council  and in most cases I attend the meeting to gauge response (depth of feeling, policies considered etc) and take decision on board

If the Planning officer and PC agree then a delegated decision is issued

If the planning officer and PC do not agree I am copied into the email to the parish clerk ( this is to explain the planning officer’s reasoning and ask if the PC will go along with the officer’s decision) and will either support their call in, if they don’t agree and  I feel policies can support their view, or explain to them why I cannot agree with them and that I would support the officer at Planning Committee.

We seem to get along very well with this system but it may not work for all

Hope this will help to explain how it all works and I am happy for you to put this on your website

Derris Watson

Cornwall Councillor for St Cleer Division


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