New Year Walk 2014

It was a brilliant decision, as things turned out, to have the New Year walk 2014 on the second day of the year. In contrast to the driving rain of New Year’s Day, we were treated to blue skies and sunshine for our walk on 2 January 2014.  And not surprisingly, plenty of us turned up for the walk, young and old.

Due to the heavy rains recently, our route was road-based and not too strenuous, taking us in a loop from the hall eastwards and southwards towards Welltown, before heading westwards and northwards towards Pantersbridge, and then eastwards back to the hall for a welcome lunch of soup and desserts.

This being a History Club walk, we stopped at various points of interest, and our ‘guide’ John K enlightened us about the history aspects – amongst others, the site of the old petrol pumps in Mount; the ancient inscribed stones* at the junction to Welltown; and the site of the old house, Trengoffe (which had also been visited in a previous history club evening- see photos)

See also:  photos of new year’s eve ceilidh


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