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Welcome to Warleggan Parish

Warleggan Parish, with its two villages Warleggan and Mount, lies between the parishes of St Neot to the east and Cardinham to the west, up on Bodmin Moor in Cornwall. It’s here on this website that you can find out the latest about what’s available, what’s happening, and what’s planned.

Launched in the summer of 2012, this community website seeks to enable residents to be better informed of what’s happening, to join or form local clubs, to be more involved in community decision-making, and to take full advantage of the facilities available.

It also aims to provide visitors and residents with ideas for things to do, and places to go, and a forum through which ideas can be discussed.


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  1. Did anyone ever discover who it was that was throwing the beer cans into the hedges ?

  2. Praise where praise is due….

    On my way to Bodmin in the car this morning, driving across Treslea Down, I saw one of Mount’s newest residents with a large bin bag. He had completely filled it with litter on his morning walk. Plastic, glass, tins and paper – all unsightly and some of it potentially fatal to any animal that eats it. I’ve resolved to put a bin bag in my pocket next time I cross the moor, and follow Alex’s example. Shall we all do the same?

    Liz Lane

  3. there are 6750 websites that talk about ‘warleggan , twinned with Narnia’. perhaps Terry hasn’t finished renovating the sign yet. Terry, if you need help fulfilling the task you started pls call 821180 and I am sure we can assist. It’s well overdue. xxx

  4. Hello, I have a lot of family members buried at warleggan, I know it is the families responsibility to keep each grave tidy but does anybody know who is responsible for keeping the rest of the churchyard presentable? For instance the graves of people who sadly have no relatives to upkeep them and pathways , hedges etc? Is it the parish council or is the churchyard privately owned? Any info would be really appreciated , thank you in anticipation

    • In answer to your query regarding the upkeep of the Church Yard; it is strimmed after the wild flowers have gone to seed and any extra tidying up is done on St Bartholomew’s Day which is the 24th August when all parishioners are invited to come along with a picnic lunch to the Church after which we set to and do whatever is necessary – trim back hedge growth, clean out gutters, polish pews, etc, etc. Anyone is welcome to join us- unfortunately it is normally about six or eight parishioners who turn up!

  5. Cathy Farnworth

    Please do note that the story of cardboard cut outs is a complete myth spread by Daphne du Maurier. She apologised later, apparently, to the parish.

    Rev Densham did put out on occasion cards the size of business cards with the names of previous vicars in the pews in order to include them in his service. Each time he did this he noted it in the register. Pat Phillips husband attended one such service and remembered the very small cards. The movie is therefore a total fiction and should be understood as such. The Reverend was a deeply religious and conservative man with strong Methodist leanings. There are many reasons why he was isolated from many, though not all, people in the parish. Read my account on sale in the church and also a second one on my website http://www.pandiawarleggan.com. The latter was written by my mother following her interviews with eyewitnesses during the 1970s. Mine is based on some eyewitness accounts, letters, and research through Ancestry.

  6. What happened to Ellis Baxter in the film last night when his locked room (from the outside) was opened by a neighbour and the script was found…..?

  7. “A CONGRETATION OF GHOSTS” the film made about five years ago about the life of the Rev Densham and starring Edward Woodward as Rev Densham (the last film he made) is to be screened at the Regal Cinema Wadebridge on Sunday 24th March at 20.00. Booking is essential it says on the website which is http://www.wtwcinemas.co.uk just follow the links and you can book a ticket on line.

    • I have not changed my surname by adding a ‘y’ just a typing error!

    • Are there any plans to produce a DVD for purchase of this movie? I have checked Amazon.co.uk and other sites looking for this without success. Wadebridge is a bit far from here to have made attendance possible.

      • Sadly my understanding is that there are no plans to make a DVD but perhaps the people at Friends of Pencarrow may have the contacts to see if it might be possible

  8. Jasmina Goodair

    As a village we did not join a scheme as such but we are welcome as individuals to become part of “My consortium”. Lisa Poole who runs this gave a talk some time ago to introduce anyone interested. Just call her on 01476 861884 anytime or 07899 923939. We have found her prices below anything anyone locally has quoted so far and I believe several others have found the same.
    So far not used Cornwall together so cannot comment.

    • I have also used this scheme through Lisa and have always found her prices and delivery rimes to be competitive. The only slight restriction is that the minimum quantity is 500 litres, unlike many other systems where you have to wait until a large order has been collated.

  9. Janette Johnson

    Anyone know any thing about the Cornwall Together energy buying group please?

    • Rosemary Penn

      Yes I joined them at the beginning to try and get a good deal on heating oil. I thought there was a venture going on in the village too sometime ago but, despite putting something on this website, heard nothing back. With Cornwall Together you can join and out in your heating oil details, in terms of consumption/costs and they do a cost comparison. Sadly their price to me last year was higher than I could get by going on various websites, but the larger their buying power the more their prices should reduce. It’s worth registering with them to be kept informed.

  10. I enjoyed my weekly visit to “Village Greens” today but have a small “complaint” to make. I bought a wonderful focaccia..so wonderful in fact that I ate it ALL this evening….just not on at all!!! Please may I order a couple for next week and a strict diet sheet for the rest of the week! Thank you for bringing me a little (or a lot!!) bit of Italy tonight. xx

  11. Just wondering – what’s happened to the ‘Twinned with Narnia’ sign?

  12. Lesley Beglan-Pagotto

    I would like to share a little poem, dedicated to a wonderful mum, Edna Beglan, who loved living in Mount, its been 10yrs this February since she passed away.
    “As time goes by without you
    and days turn into years
    they hold a million memories
    and the same in silent tears.
    Always remembered with love.

    • Lovely words that brought tears to my eyes, having lost a very dear friend recently. Thank you.

    • Although we did not know Edna we do know Jeff and his three daughters including Lesley. Lovely thoughts, beautifully put.

  13. Nice to see you

  14. Janette Johnson

    First visit to this site. I think it is a brilliant idea and, thankfully, seems fairly straightforward to use.


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