Health and safety

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The primary responsibility for health and safety in the hall lies with those hiring and using the hall.

A lot of it is common sense:

  • no naked flames, candles, gas appliances, fireworks, etc. are allowed in or near the hall
  • any electrical devices or appliances brought in to the hall must comply with electrical safety regulations and be certificated
  • fire exits and the routes to them must be kept clear at all times, and everyone should be informed of emergency procedures (see below)
  • it is the responsibility of those hiring the hall to ensure the law is followed with regard to the safety of hall-users, including the supervision and safe-guarding of children and vulnerable adults, food hygiene, and obtaining all required licences
  • No illegal activities are to be undertaken in the Hall
  • No smoking is allowed in the Hall, or in the immediate vicinity of the Hall

Emergency procedures:

Ensure that everyone in the hall knows what to do and where to go in the event of a  fire or other emergency:

  • There are TWO (and only two) emergency exits:  the main entrance;  and out through the kitchen via the far right hand door of the end wall (as seen from main entrance door).  Please point out that the doors along the right-hand side wall (both the new patio doors and the store-room) are not emergency exits, as although one can go outside via them, there is no means to escape further.
  • In the event of emergency, call 999, stating the location as Jubilee Hall, Mount, and the post code as PL30 4ES.  Please also alert a Hall Committee member if possible.
  • There is a defibrillator in the red phone box outside the hall which can be unlocked remotely by the emergency services, and which talks the user through the correct procedure.  No prior training is required..  In the event of suspected heart attack, dial 999.

First Aid Kit / accident record book:

  • A First Aid Kit is held in the kitchen, along with an accident record book. Any accident occurring anywhere in the hall or immediate area (including car park) must be recorded in the book, regardless of whether the first aid kit is used.
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