Save our Bridge

Bridge at Lantewey Mill
Bridge at Lantewey Mill

Do we want our ancient granite clapper bridge replaced by a modern wooden one?


Nov 2016  – restoration work of the bridge is now COMPLETED – thanks to all those involved int he work, and supporting the cause  – see draft minutes, Parish meeting 24 Sept 2015 

The bridge may yet be saved
See Western Morning News, 21 Nov 2014

Our campaign is still gaining momentum. Camel Valley & Bodmin Moor Protection Society have offered financial help to restore the granite bridge and the Warleggan Young Farmers’ Club have kindly offered physical help with men and machinery.

What’s it all about?

The Bridge on the footpath across the River Dewey at Lantewey Mill upstream from Panters Bridge between Lantewey and Warleggan Village was partly demolished in the floods of last Winter.

This granite clapper bridge has spanned the river for centuries on the path between Warleggan and St Neot Parishes.

Instead of reinstating the bridge to its previous condition CORMAC propose replacing it with a modern wooden structure that will rot out in 25 years.


If, like a number of local people, you also consider this to be an act of vandalism on the part of Cornwall Council & CORMAC would you please write, email or telephone –

Dave Wood, Countryside Officer Public Rights of Way, Environment, CORMAC, South Building, Castle Canyke, Castle Canyke Road, Bodmin, PL31 1DZ.

Telephone 0300 1234 202 or 07968 892 064;   Email:

Bridge at Lantewey Mill as it used to be
Bridge at Lantewey Mill as it was in better days

For further information on the issues contact –

Martin and Julia Eddy
01208 821613

John & Gill Keast
01208 821494


Download as an A4 poster (PDF)

see also Western Morning News, 17/10/14*


5 Replies to “Save our Bridge”

  1. Wednesday 12th November 7.30 p.m. Dave Wood of Cormac is attending a meeting of St Neot Parish Council to which representatives from Warleggan are invited to discuss the latest position concerning the restoration / replacement of Lantewey Bridge. The meeting will be held in the upstairs Committee Room at the Social Club. Please let John Keast or Pat Phillips know if you will be attending.
    Our campaign is still gaining momentum. Camel Valley & Bodmin Moor Protection Society have offered financial help to restore the granite bridge and the Warleggan Young Farmers’ Club have kindly offered physical help with men and machinery.

  2. Chris. Thanks for the listing idea. We may have a problem though as in it’s present condition it might not be considered worth listing(?).
    Thanks to everyone who contacted (and are still contacting – it is not too late) Dave Wood of Cormac. You will find he will not reply to your email as he says he has received too many to reply to them all. On Sunday I was contacted by David Coppin of Utah, USA, who is a follower of Warleggan News and he had emailed Dave Wood.
    Martin Eddy (of Lantewey Farm) and myself are hoping to have a meeting with him later this week. We have offers of large granite stones that can be delivered to the site to form a substantial embankment to prevent this happening again. We are also proposing that an overflow channel be excavated around the bridge on Martin’s land so that during periods of excessive flow the water can “escape” around the bridge.
    We will keep you informed of developments.

    1. Martin Eddy (Lantewey) and myself met Dave Wood of Cormac at the bridge on Thursday. He is aware of the strong local feeling against replacing the ancient clapper bridge with a modern wooden one. Martin and I have offered to provide and deliver large granites to rebuild the buttresses and also suggested slightly realigning the stream above the bridge. Dave Wood will take our ideas back to the Council. He has agreed to attend the St Neot Parish Council Meeting at 7.30 on Wednesday November 12th. I have asked St Neot Clerk if representatives of Warleggan can also attend that meeting.

  3. I hear from Chris that there has been a high level of interest in this subject. Thank you and hopefully you have all emailed Dave Wood of Cormac.
    I will elaborate more on two of the reasons given by Cormac as to why the ancient stone clapper bridge should be replaced with a wooden structure –
    1. The use of concrete on the abutments is not good practice adjoining a river.
    Well our forefathers managed to build the bridge without using concrete and further concrete was used on a new wall adjoining the river only last year down at West Mill, Pantersbridge with Environment Agency approval.
    2. They want to widen the river and only replacing the bridge will allow this.
    Why widen the river?
    Incidentally since commencing this “campaign” we have discovered (thanks to Mark Borlase of Cardinham) that the bridge is listed on the Heritage Gateway web-site and are hopeful this will give us additional leverage to retain the granite bridge.

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