Duck Race 2014

The rained held off, and dozens came to witness the duck race down at Pantersbridge on the afternoon of Saturday 9th August 2014.   Two hundred ducks were dropped into the stream at the bridge, and everyone then wandered down to the weir to see  them arrive, enjoying the barbecue as they waited.

Thanks go to everyone who helped on the day – not least duck chasers Zak, James and Hector Lane, and the throng of young volunteers who dived in to collect them as they arrived;  plus of course Alan and Jasmina for doing the barbecue, and Nina for leading the whole event.

And the winners were:

  • First prize of £20 for duck number 78, sponsored by Alex N.
  • Second prize of £10 for duck number191, sponsored by Ishy R.
  • Third prize of £5 for duck number126, sponsored by Rob J., a duck chaser for many years. 

There were lots of cameras clicking –  so here’s a selection to get us started.  Got more photos?  Send them in*…

The photos appear in random order (and the order changes each time you refresh).  Click any photo to see larger;  then press F11 key to see images larger still…



As with all photos on this website, if you are uncomfortable with any photo that has been posted and would like it removed, either because you find it objectionable in some way, or because it features you and/or your children, please let us know*;  just identify it by stating the page where you found the photo, and with the ‘xxxx.jpg’ label or ID number you see when you hover over the thumbnail image.  Thanks!
Also, if you want a higher resolution version of a photo, I can email it to you.

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