Rivers of Warleggan Poetry Day

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~ Roger's Day ~ Roger's Charities ~ Paintings Exhibition

Sunday 10 August, 2014, 10.30 to 5 pm

Spring WoodsWe had a magical day of writing poetry and picnicking alongside two of Warleggan Parish’s four very different rivers: the Bedalder, Dewey, Fowey and Sina, and at Warleggan Mount Jubilee Hall for writing and sharing.

The day was  led by Helen Jagger and Margaret Livingston.

 Photographers & artists using any media were welcomed to join us; work will be put together online and as a booklet for downloading

The aim was to work collaboratively on a form of poetry called Renga, which involves each person contributing a few lines to make a whole: more about this was explained on the day. There was also time for each person to create their own poems. People were welcome to create their own artworks: sketches, collages, paintings, photographs.

Everyone was welcome: people who had not previously written poetry but would like to have a go, as well as experienced and practising poets. Children aged 7+ who enjoy writing were  also welcome. There were separate adults’ and children’s groups, each led by experienced poets familiar with running workshops with adults and children.



 see:  Poetry Day Details and Programme (PDF, 3 pages)*


Roger Farnworth loved the wildlife and landscape of Warleggan Parish. He was delighted and intrigued by the fact that the parish is bounded on all sides by rivers and wanted to celebrate this with people in the parish and other lovers of wild spaces. In Roger’s name we have planned a Rivers of Warleggan Poetry Day alongside two very different rivers, one steeped in woodland, and the other a tiny meander of a stream up on the moor close to marvellous old china clay workings.


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