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LATEST (JULY 2017) –  a planning proposal has been made for houses to be added to Noel’s Meadow, in the remainder of the old field  – it’s for five detached houses, plus one shop with a flat over  – see our new page on Warleggan website, ‘Noel’s Meadow extension

To Let !   Ocean Housing  3 Bed 5 Person House  –  £152.02 p/w inc. 4 rent free weeks (equivalent to £140.33 over 52 weeks)

Fixed 5 year tenancy at an Affordable Rent includes Service Charges and is subject to 1 year Starter Tenancy.

Available May 2016

These properties will benefit from Air Source central heating, mains drainage and sewerage, water meter and mains power supply.   Double glazed windows and doors, smoke detectors and CO2 monitors.  There will be 2 parking spaces per household.

These properties will be allocated by band, band date and to an applicant who has a local connection to:

1st priority: The parishes of Warleggan, Cardinham & St Neot with preference going to Warleggan

2nd priority: The parishes of Blisland, Helland, St Winnow, Broadoak, St Pinnock, Dobwells & Trewidland, St Cleer Lanhydrock and Alternun.

3rd priority: The County of Cornwall

To qualify you need:

– to be permanently resident within the parish for a continuous period of at least the last 3 years, or

– to have been permanently resident within the parish for a continuous period of 5 years at some point in the past, or

– to be employed on a permanent basis within the parish  (more than 16 hours per week and excluding seasonal work) for a continuous period of at least the last 3 years, or

– to have a close family member (i.e. normally parent, sibling or child) resident within the parish and they have been so for at least the last 5 years.

For further details please call Ocean Housing on 01726 874450

ocean housing
Going up fast…. (photo taken 20 Dec 2015)

PREVIOUSLY (20 December 2015)  Construction is now well under way, and it won’t be long before they’ll be opening up for expressions of interest (or ‘bids’ as they like to call them) for those wishing to rent or buy –  rumour has it that this may happen in early January.  For rental, first priority is for those with a connection to the parish of Warleggan, then to those with a connection to neighbouring parishes (see poster below);  and if space remains they’ll go to anyone from further parishes, then from anywhere in Cornwall, then presumably the rest of the country/planet/galaxy.  Even if you missed the ‘open day’ earlier this month, you can still register.  Register now: Go to http://www.cornwall.gov.uk/homechoice   –    see poster below for more details

ocean housing rentevent dec2015

snip apr2015 plan
Click to enlarge.  This is a small revision of the earlier application which you can find further below on this page

Previously (29 April 2015) – Planning application (see image, right) has been submitted to Cornwall Council – PA15/03378* | Removal/ Variation of Condition 2 of Decision Notice PA13/09852 in order to regularise the change in road width to comply with Cornwall Council regulations. | Land Rear Of Rosevean Mount Cornwall

This small revision of the plan will be reviewed at the upcoming Parish Meeting of 14 May 2015, 7.30pm at Jubilee Hall, where the planning sub-committee will consider it.

PREVIOUSLY (10 April 2014) – it was stated at the Parish Meeting AGM today, 10 April,  that the Ocean Housing planning application has been approved (but with some small amendments required); but that construction won’t start until next year, as the required funding won’t be made fully available until financial year 2015-16.

PREVIOUSLY (21 November 2013):

INFORMAL REPORT  on decisions made at parish meeting ~ see minutes for more information:

At the Parish Meeting of 21 November 2013, the planning sub-committee agreed to support Ocean Housing’s planning application to Cornwall Council, with the following recommendations:

  • that a 106 agreement states that priority be given first to applicants from (or with connections to) Warleggan Parish, then to those from St Neot and Cardinham, and then to those from Blisland and other neighbouring rural parishes
  • that slate should be used on the rooves to be in keeping with buildings in the area
  • that there should be no street lighting
  • that the name for the development be “Noel’s Meadow”

PREVIOUSLY (10 November 2013):

Ocean Housing has now submitted their plan to Cornwall Council – see PA13/09852*, for Land Rear Of Rosevean Mount Cornwall, Proposed Affordable Housing.  On casual inspection it seems to be only marginally different from the plans shared earlier (see immediately below).  The parish planning sub-committee will be reviewing and deciding their comment regarding this application at the Parish Meeting on Thursday 21 November 2013.

PREVIOUSLY (18 October 2013):

Ocean Housing plan oct2013
And what name should this development have? Any ideas?

Jo from Ocean housing provides us an update – they’ve adjusted the parking in light of comments received, and is submitting planning for the development next week – see image right (click to see larger) – or download as PDF.

They are also seeking ideas for the name for the new development – any ideas?

Further to you earlier comments we have amended the layout for the parking at Mount to include more parking that is side by side rather than in a line. the only exception to this is for plots 5 and 6 which will retain the original parking layout. These spaces will be clearly labelled to show which house they belong to, also they are likely to be properties for sale as shared ownership and so it will be clear in the conveyance documents which spaces belong to which property.

Ocean is intending to submit planning for the scheme next week, so the Parish should be asked for formal comments in a couple of weeks.

Once the planning has been submitted I need to select a name for the new development, this will be need to be approved by Cornwall Council’s address team. Does the parish have any names they would like to suggest? I would like to call it something in keeping with the local area, perhaps with a connection to the chapel?


Click picture to see full plan (PDF format)

At the parish meeting of 12 September 2013, the Ocean Housing sketch plans (see right) for Mount were discussed, and it was agreed that “Generally we are in favour of the layout, but would like to see different options on parking”.

This was in response to the following email, received on 30 August 2013 from Jo Tully of Ocean Housing:

As we discussed at the parish council meeting I am attaching the Revised Plan which the architect has created for the proposed 6 properties at Mount.  I would appreciate it if you could post this on the Parish website and advise residents that if they would like to comment they can email enquiries@oceanhousing.com with “Mount affordable housing” in the subject line.

The architect has taken on comments of the parish to reduce the numbers of properties, create larger private gardens and open up the area in front of the properties.

If local people do have comments can they please email them in by 10th September. NOTE – DEADLINE EXTENDED TIL AFTER THE PARISH MEETING –  GET YOUR COMMENTS IN BY LUNCHTIME FRIDAY 13TH SEPTEMBER

So – any comments for Ocean Housing, please email your thoughts to the above email address;  and as always, parishioners are also welcome to share their thoughts through the ‘comments’ section at the foot of this page.


At an open meeting on Tuesday 11th June 2013, representatives from Ocean Housing and Cornwall Council came to discuss Ocean Housing‘s plans for affordable housing in field adjoining Rosevean, in Mount.  They intend to submit a new application, and are tentatively considering applying to build six houses(2 affordable rental properties, 2 affordable sale properties, and 2 open market).  It may be three pairs of semi-detached, or it’s possible the two houses for open market sale may be detached.  Ocean Housing said they were keen to have the parishioners alongside and supportive in this venture.  They further assured the meeting that they would definitely not be entertaining the idea of building one lot of houses now but leaving space for more to be built later;  rather, the houses are built, that would be the end of the matter.

Those attending the meeting were supportive of six houses being built, and preferred the earlier idea of them not being built in a line, but scattered, as per an earlier plan.  If possible, it was hoped that as much of the hedge as possible (alongside the road) should be kept.  It was also agreed that priority to apply for the affordable properties would be for those within the parish, and then cascading the chance down to those within neighbouring parishes.  It was also hoped that street lighting would not be required.

Both the parishioners and Ocean Housing were keen to see an amicable solution, and for this development to go ahead smoothly and without undue delay.  It was suggested that Ocean Housing stay in touch with the parish as they develop their ideas, and share any sketch plans early on, to seek reactions before going into detailed plans –  it was suggested that they could share these through this Warleggan News website, and parishioners (and Ocean Housing) could use the comments facility on this page to exchange ideas.

A key concern was raised about Ocean Housing’s environmental awareness:  the field was slashed clear on 21st May, an inappropriate time considering the wildlife.  One parishioner, a  neighbour to the field, reported finding a wounded hedgehog immediately after the clearance was done, and he took it to the vet.  Farmers are not allowed to cut their hedges at this time for a very good reason;  it was therefore  felt to have been irresponsible for Ocean Housing to slash the field clear at this time, due to the impact on wildlife in this most important season for the animals.


Artist’s view of the nine dwellings
(click to see enlarged image)
See also detailed plan

At the parish meeting on 27th November, the planning subcommittee had voted to recommend Cornwall Council to reject Ocean Housing’s planning application for nine dwellings in Mount.  With six members voting in favour of rejection (i.e. against the dwellings being built) and two against (i.e. in favour of them being built), the reasons for recommending the rejection included concerns about drainage, traffic impact, disproportionate scale of development (an approx. 25% increase in number of houses in Mount village), and the loss of ancient hedge.

The Planning Application, PA12/09864, was subsequently withdrawn.

Full details of the discussions and decisions are given in the minutes of the meeting.

Planning Application PA12/09864 was received by Cornwall Council on 19th October 2012, for Erection of nine (9) dwellings and associated works :- 1 x 2 bed 4 person house and 8 x 3 bed 5 person houses | Land Rear Of Rosevean Mount Cornwall.

The Cornwall Council website has a lot of documentation regarding the proposal, including (amongst many other details):

As usual, the website also enables those concerned to view or to make comments, whether in favour or against the proposal – go to planning application PA12/09864 and click on comments.


A well-attended meeting was held on 7th August 2012, and it began with Ocean Housing’s latest proposals for the housing project in Mount (click image below), which were presented and discussed.

Please review the transcription of the minutes  for this meeting posted here on Warleggan News. Below is an informal brief summary, produced earlier, which is NOT an official record,  and MAY contain errors:

  • Two representatives from Ocean Housing (OH) presented the new plan, which now provides for ten houses.  They said the increase in number of houses was necessary due to reduction in govt. grant support.
  • The parish members present were, on the whole, unwilling to accept such an increase in house numbers, from the original 6 to 10, with fears expressed about, amongst others, the following:
    • the impact of potentially 20+ cars on the narrow streets of Mount
    • the difficulty of access for vehicles into and out of the ‘estate’ on a narrow road, so close to the crossroads
    • the risks of flooding to properties below the estate, especially now that the large soak-away area (which had been designated as community common land in the earlier design) would now be built on
    • the possible limitations in capacity of the village’s main sewerage and/or water supply
    • the loss of the traditional Cornish hedge along the roadside
    • the withdrawal of the community benefit part of the project, previously offered and discussed previously at great length, of the community common land area within the field
    • there may be reduced interest in local people availing of affordable housing here if so many houses are squeezed so closely together
  • The earlier plan for 10 dwellings as presented and discussed at the meeting of 7th August 2012
    (click to see enlarged image)

    The OH representatives were not optimistic that a revision downwards in house numbers would be financially viable;  they also stated that they would be providing a financial contribution towards the upgrading of a sewerage treatment plant;  that they were fully consulting with highways department;  that they had surveyed the field and would address the potential flooding challenge through deeper soakaway/drainage systems.  The OH reps also assured parishioners that it would be only after all those registered and eligible for affordable housing within the parish had been given the opportunity to take up the new houses, that the offer would then be made available to neighbouring parishes.  No one from outside Warleggan would be considered in preference to an eligible registered parishioner of Warleggan.

  • The parish committee chairman thanked the OH representatives for their presentation, and urged them to seriously reconsider their plans in light of comments made.
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23 Replies to “Ocean Housing”

    1. I’d be very surprised if they have ‘gone’ – I don’t think the process has yet started for renting or for buying – so phone, find out, and maybe let us all know what you find out? Thanks – and Good luck. 🙂

  1. Hello. Does anyone know if the shared ownership homes are still for sale or have they been sold. Currently live in st neot with parents and want to stay local. Thankyou

    1. If you’re talking about the Ocean Housing in Mount, I understand they’re all not yet available for sale or rent, but you need to express interest now. Best call them on the number they give in their poster (see near top of this webpage) – 01726 874450

      1. Thankyou for your quick response. So you are fairly sure the shared ownership are still unsold? Currently living nr st neot with parents it would be great to be able to stay in the area in something we can afford. I will be registaring.

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