Roger’s Charities

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Roger Farnworth supported many charities and the family asked that donations to these charities be made, rather than flowers.  The total raised (as of May 2013)  came to well over a thousand pounds, and cheques are being sent to the charities.  The money raised was split equally amongst all the charities, but donations were also received for specific charities.

The family are very grateful for everyone’s huge generosity. Each of the ten named charities (listed below) received £117;   Survival and the Kindu Trust benefited from a further bequest of £20 pounds each (and so received £137 each);  and Freedom from Torture also received a specific bequest of £25 (and so received £142).  Every charity has received a special letter explaining why their particular work was important to Roger, and how it tied into his life and thought. Copies of these can be viewed on request.

The Ten Charities (listed in no particular order):

  • Survival International is the only organization working for tribal peoples’ rights worldwide. They seek to achieve a world where tribal peoples are recognized and respected, and where tribal peoples are free to live on their own lands, safe from violence, oppression and exploitation.
  • Concern Worldwide is an international humanitarian organisation dedicated to working with the world’s poorest people to transform their lives.
  • Afghanaid is an international humanitarian and development non-governmental organisation which has worked alongside Afghan communities for nearly three decades. They work directly with over 1 million adults and children focusing on long term sustainable development in some of Afghanistan’s poorest rural areas.
  • Practical Action uses technology to challenge poverty in developing countries. They find out what people are doing and help them to do it better. By doing this each year they help around a million people break out of the cycle of poverty … for good.
  • Freedom from Torture is the only organisation in the UK dedicated solely to the care and treatment of survivors of torture and organised violence. They have five centres where they offer psychiatry, clinical psychology, psychotherapy, counselling, and help with housing and welfare.
  • The Kindu Trust is a small UK-based charity which works with nearly 300 families across Ethiopia, primarily in Gondar, a town in the northern region of the country. Life is difficult for many impoverished families in Ethiopia that face the daily struggle of providing sufficient water, food, clothes and shelter for their children. Roger was supporting a lady, Atsede Nigusie, with a hairdressing course to help her support her children.
  • The Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) is an independent campaigning organisation committed to bringing about change that protects the natural world from environmental abuse. Their vision is a future where humanity respects, protects and celebrates the natural world for the benefit of all.
  • Ethiopiaid works with the poorest people in Ethiopia. They listen to their partners – those who know best – and mutually agree on the most effective way to contribute their funds. This results in self-sufficiency and long-term benefits to the community.
  • Prison Phoenix Trust  encourages prisoners around the UK and the Republic of Ireland in the development of their spiritual welfare, through the practices of meditation and yoga, working with silence and the breath.


Freedom from Torture also received a specific bequest of 25 Pounds