Fireside Tales DVDs

snip DVD box firesidetales3rotNow available DVDs of ‘Fireside Tales III’
–  see preview clips (below)

‘Fireside Tales III’ was recorded at the Jubilee Hall on 5 December 2014 –  watch as David invites Brenda, John, Geoff and Dudley to recall times past in the parish of Warleggan.

£5 per DVD –  any profits will go to Jubilee Hall funds.

Order your DVD(s) by phoning Chris on 01208 821409, or by contacting through this website (click here*), or you may be able to buy a DVD at Village Greens Friday Shop at the hall, subject to availability.


DVDs of ‘Fireside Tales II’, recorded Friday 27 February 2009:  there are a small number of DVDs available of ‘Fireside Tales II’, at £5 each.  Order as above.

DVDs of ‘Fireside Tales I’, recorded Friday 29 February 2008: these have sold out – but if there is enough interest, we may be able to produce additional copies – if you’d like a copy, let us know; hopefully the price would be £5  – it depends how much it costs to get copies made.

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