Flyball at the ‘Big Church Fete Do’

Come and discover Flyball at this year’s ‘Big Church Fete Do‘.

There’ll be a demo at 1.30 pm, and then anyone can ‘have a go’ during the remainder of the afternoon

flyball logo2Kernow kys flyball club is a newly formed group with lots of fantastic people and dogs.
All breeds, sizes and ages from 6 months up.

Flyball is a team sport using 4 dogs.

The dogs run down over a run of 4 jumps, with a spring loaded box at the end that holds a tennis ball. The dogs triggers the box and catches the ball and then runs back up over the 4 jumps, crossing with the next dog for them to do the same.

Training is held at Bodmin on Wednesday evening 7 – 8.30 pm, and Truro on a Thursday 7.30 – 9 pm. It’s £7 for the session.

If anyone needs anymore information contact stacy on 07771998773, comment on the kernow kys flyball club Facebook page* or send an email:


>>> More information about this year’s ‘Big Church Fete Do‘.