Farewell to Rev. Andrew Balfour

rector's farewell 2014
Andrew Balfour with church warden Pat Philipps at the farewell barbecue, 11 July 2014

A barbecue was held on Friday 11th July 2014, as parishioners of Warleggan bade farewell to Rector Andrew Balfour after 15 years of dedicated ministry here, and presented him with a complete set of Samuel Pepys diaries.

Throughout his tenure he has been wholeheartedly supportive of our efforts to keep Warleggan a viable and active church. When he first came he promised to take a service a week in each of his three churches and has kept this promise, even when the three turned into four.  Many lesser men (or women) would have been daunted by the lack of adequate heating and, in his early years, water constantly dripping through the roof; but advising his congregation to wear warm clothing he set an example with his woolly hat and mittens. During his ministry, the positives have increased:  we have a new roof, a restored organ and at long last, better parking facilities. Such things would not have happened without his great support and encouragement.

Andrew with some of the parishioners gathered for the farewell barbecue
Andrew with some of the parishioners gathered for the farewell barbecue

The parishioners wish Andrew and Linda a long and happy retirement, though now with six grandsons it is unlikely to be entirely restful, and hope that the service he takes on August 3rd will not be his last in Warleggan.



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