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  1. Speeding.
    I am seriously concerned about the amount of drivers speeding up through Mount from the St Neot road.
    I have had to pull my daughter back several times to avert a nasty accident. I am going to write to Martin about the possibility of Dragons Teeth or bar markings being laid by the sewage works. Another suggestion would be similar on the approach into Mount from Warleggan.
    Anyone with more comments could they please email Martin Eddy as we need a consensus for this to be considered.
    Thank you all.
    Emma @ Home Cottage.

    1. I agree it is becoming more dangerous especially with cars parked both sides of the road. The chicane effect doesn’t seem to slow people down. The road past the chapel seems to be attracting more traffic and the speed is becoming dangerous because there are blind corners and little safe visibility until Trevorder crossroads

  2. where has the bin gone from the crossroads. I picked up rubbish by the notice board to put in the bin and it was gone?? Maybe that’s why the rubbish was on the floor?

    1. It was decided at the August Parish Meeting that the bin be removed. The problem we had is that it was not on the list of bins to be emptied by the refuse lorry and we were relying on a generous individual to regularly empty the bin into their own bin bag. It was also noted that many years ago the National Trust stopped providing waste bins and their litter problem reduced. We are hoping that people will take their litter and dog faeces home. It was discussed again at the Parish Meeting last evening and decided to continue without the bin. If it becomes a problem we are happy to review the position again.

  3. Anyone know why the skip is up at the telephone exchange ? Is it for locals to use or put there for work in the exchange ?

  4. Seen someone else cleaning up the other day too, poss a local lady as I can’t say we recognised her. Looks like a lot of people care about our countryside (hopefully more than don’t!!) Nice work whoever you are

  5. Don’t know who’s doing it but Carole and I went on a walk this afternoon over the downs and picked up a white swing bin liner full of rubbish. It consisted mainly of beer cans with a few glass botles, plastic milk cartons and a few unmentionables. Why are some people so inconsiderate and dirty. Maybe we should go round their house and dump our rubbish and see how they like it. Please dont dump rubbish the animals don’t know whats harmful or not.

      1. Happy for this conversation to continue, as long as the focus is on the problem rather than on who may or may not be responsible, and why. Thanks! 🙂

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