A close call with carbon monoxide

Some of our Mount residents (Liz Parr and family) had a close call with carbon monoxide poisoning in their house from their wood-burning stove. Their dog and hamster died, but the family came out OK.  To cut a long story short, a fire engine came to assess the CO levels, and found them dangerously high – and they’ve offered to be present at the hall when Village Greens is next open, to help raise awareness on this issue.  So  – come along to Village Greens this Friday – not only for teas and fresh produce, but a necessary wake-up call.  Have you got a carbon monoxide detector?  and are the batteries OK?

The fire brigade will be at Village Greens this Friday (9 November) from 10 til 12 –  they’ll bring plenty of info, leaflets etc., and you are welcome to discuss your concerns

Some words of wisdom from Liz’s Facebook page:
well it goes like this…..we had the dog and a hamster die within 2 days… some would say unlucky, well that’s what we though until we discovered the truth………
co poisoning………. we have been very lucky. we were told by the fire crew that came out to us and then by the doctors at the hospital that we have had a lucky escape.. the doctors told us that 1 maybe 2 nights more with our fire lite would have been all it took…..
we have a wood burner as our form of heating and in our ignorance and I suspect many others you can get c o poisoning from these as well.
our flue needs replacing as it was leaking the co gasses in high levels.. enough to kill….
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE look around your homes… have you got co detectors because I bet you have smoke detectors.. go to your nearest hardware store and get one. go now. I am… it can and will SAVE YOUR LIFE……
if you are worried about or think you may have co in your home call the fire brigade and they will come and test for you….

3 thoughts on “A close call with carbon monoxide

  1. It was also on the radio the other day another family in Cornwall were lucky to escape and their home is all electric and the cause was an open fire.

  2. This must have been terrifying for you! How awful to lose your dog and hamster. I often wonder whether there is a problem with my wood burner when I get a headache as I am fully double glazed too. I am so glad you found out before it was too late and I will certainly make sure I speak with the Fire Brigade on Friday. Thank you for letting us know. I met the fire engine on Sunday with my truck and horse trailer and wondered if everyone was all right.

  3. yes thank you chris it is very important to raise awareness.
    Please if your reading this before Friday then think about coming along to Village Green and get more information on c o poisoning and how to detect and prevent……
    liz parr….

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